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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Language of Indexing

I found the Indexing message on “Learning the Language of Indexing” from Headquarters (see below) to be very informative and helpful. When I first started Indexing, the terms were a little confusing. This message helped clarify the terminology for me. I hope it’s as helpful for you. Here it is:

Learning the Language of Indexing

Becoming an expert at indexing can sometimes feel like learning a new language. Below is a list of short definitions of some words and phrases that you may come across as you index.
- Image. The photograph that appears on your screen when you open a batch.
- Page. The left or right side (or both sides) of an open book found on the image.
- Document. The piece(s) of paper shown on an image in a batch.
- Record. Information regarding a principal person (the main person for whom a record was created) and the associated event.
- Records can refer to:
- Each entry line on a census.
- Each event (birth, marriage, etc) listed on a document, card, page, or other form.
- Field. Sections of the data entry area where specific pieces of information are entered for a principal person. For example, names are usually entered into Given Name and Surname fields.

Knowing the above definitions can help you distinguish between similar-looking phrases, such as:
- Reorganizing Fields. Changing the order of the fields in the data entry area of the indexing screen, while indexing or arbitrating.
- Reorganizing Records. In an arbitration batch, changing the order of records while using the Record Matching tab.


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